Monday, September 30, 2013

Bushy stitch Dish Cloth

New stitch Monday!!  I have been practicing new stitches again and really like this one because it is such a nice texture and the bonus is that it makes a pretty scalloped edge!!  For this I used Lily Sugar and Cream Ombre in Country Sage but you can make it any color you like.   The bushy stitch is a combination of single and Double crochet stitches that form an asymmetrical shell.  (2 DC, ch 2, 1 SC)

I used a size I hook
yarn needle to weave in the end.

To start you will need to chain 31. (multiples of 3 then add one to make something bigger or smaller).

Row 1:  sk 3 ch, (1 DC, ch 2, 1 SC) in the next ch,  *sk 2 ch, (2 DC, ch 2, 1 SC) in the next ch*, repeat from *, ch 2 and turn.
Row 2:  *(2 DC, ch 2, 1 SC) in each ch 2 space* from the previous row across, ch 2.  Repeat row 2 until your cloth is square, approximately 18 rows.

You can leave the bottom straight or go across it to finish the edge by joining in the bottom right hand corner of the foundation chain and work across in the bottom of each shell, sk the first 2 ch
 *(2 DC, ch2, 1 SC), sk 2 ch* across and tie off at the end.

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