Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jane's Chicken Sweater

It was -14 degrees this morning when we left at 8:30 to take Abby to school. It's just a wee bit warmer in the chicken coop at 14 degrees above zero. Jane had a little problem - no feathers from mating and too cold to get herself warm. So today's project was making Jane a chicken sweater. Here's how we pulled it together.

Pattons Classic Wool (just ends of a skein - we used maybe 1/8th of a skein)
2 large and 1 small button
Size H crochet hook

Note: Jane is a frizzle cochin, so this pattern is fitted for a small bantam breed. This pattern will not fit onto a laying hen without some major modification.

A very naked chicken who really needed a sweater.
Row 1: Chain 40
Row 2: Double Crochet into 38 stitches, Chain 1, Double Crochet into last stitch
Rows 3-10: Double Crochet
After row 10 break wool and weave in ends.

Row 1: Double Crochet into the first five stitches.
Row 2: Turn work and Double Crochet into Row 1
Row 3-10: Double Crochet
Row 11: Chain 6 and join chain to opposite side of strap (making a loop for a large button).

Repeat for a second strap on the last five stitches of the cape.

Button Tab:
In the middle 10 stitches of the cape, Double Crochet for 5 rows. Attach two large buttons to secure the loops.

I also chained a strap 6 stitches long to go around behind Jane's legs. She did not appreciate it, but the sweater stays on better.
It also is very helpful to have a three year old who will "sort" your buttons and play with the chicken in between fittings. Thanks Olivia!


  1. I wish I had bantams so I could make this sweater!

  2. Does the rooster get his feet stuck in it?

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  4. Jane was not breeding while she was wearing her sweater, so I couldn't say whether feet would get stuck, but my assumption would be no.

  5. I am definitely going to have to make a couple for my girls. Thanks for the pattern :-)

  6. Thank you for sharing and I love your blog. Do you have any patterns for doggy sweaters?

  7. I'm trying to set up a profile on google. You can find me on fb however. Thank you

  8. I'm trying to set up a profile on google. You can find me on fb however. Thank you

  9. Love this pattern. Really hope Im able to make it for my Lovey Bug. She's a black tailed buff, Japanese bantam