Sunday, December 4, 2016

Aunt Barb's Christmas Stocking

Aunt Barb loved to crochet, and she was quick to crochet each new baby a Christmas stocking for their first Christmas.  Made in the traditional granny square they each became a treasured heirloom.  When cancer took her home to heaven the tradition has continued and each new baby gets a stocking from Grandma.  Here is her basic pattern, we have used many color combinations but the favorite are the classic red, green and white.  Enjoy!

For this you will need 3 colors of yarn, I am using red, green, and white Red Heart Yarn which was her favorite to use for the project. 
Size J crochet hook
yarn needle

To start your first granny square  with red yarn chain 3 and make a loop,
Round 1: ch 2, make 2 DC in the loop, (ch 1, do 3 DC in the loop), repeat 2 times, ch 1 slip st to the top of the ch 2, tie off.  You will need 15 of these, I find it faster to just work with one color and do all the squares at once.    

Round 2: with green working in the corner ch 1 space, ch 2, 2 DC, ch 1 3 DC in the first corner, ch 1 move to the next corner and do 3 DC, ch 1 3 DC, repeat in the next two corners, ch 1 sl st in the top of the first ch 2, tie off.  

Round 3:  with white and starting in the corner ch 2 2DC, ch 1 3DC, ch 1 3DC in the center ch 1 space, then the next corner 3 DC, ch 1 3DC, ch 1 3DC, ch 1 repeat ending with a ch 1 sl st to the top of the ch 2.  For this round I leave a long string to use to sew the squares together as I go.  

For the heel of the stocking make 1:

Round 1: chain 3 in red and make a loop.  Ch 2, make 2 DC in the loop, ch 1, 3 DC, repeat once, ch 1 sl st to the top of the ch 2.  
Round 2:  in green, ch 2, 2DC, ch 1, 3 DC, ch 1 then 3 DC, ch 1, 3DC  ch 1 repeat in the next corner, ch1 and sl st to the top of the ch 2.  Tie off and switch to white.  

Round 3: working in white, ch 2, 2 DC in the first corner, ch 1 3 DC in the same space, ch 1 3DC in the next ch 1 space, ch 1 3 DC ch 1 DC in the next corner, repeat around, ch 1 sl st to the top of the first ch 2.  tie off leaving a long string.  

Sew pieces together starting at the toe then do 2 rows of double crochet around the top of the stocking starting at the back of the sock, make a chain 20 from the end of your second row to make a loop for hanging the stocking, then do 2 rows of SC on the chain to make it sturdy.


  1. What a lovely tradition to have been able to leave such a loving keepsake!

  2. My great grandmother made these for all of us, they are so nostslgic, glad i can now make them for my family!

  3. Thank you for sharing this pattern.